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Recent Projects

Ben Caplan – The Second Album Story
Atlantic Film Festival 2016 – Official Selection

Join Ben Caplan on his creative and logistic process of recording and releasing his second album. This journey takes Ben on a whirlwind trip from Halifax to Montreal to Ottawa to work in four different studios, across a nine month period. It’s not just the collaboration with world renowned musicians and studio personnel that raises the stakes for Caplan, it’s the necessity to record a new set of songs that live up to standard set by album number one.

As the viewer travels with Ben they will meet the colorful cast of all involved in bringing the new album to life including world renowned hip-hop artist and producer SoCalled. What is the meaning behind Caplan’s unusual yet mysterious music? What does it take to be successful in today’s music industry? Is there a place for ancient Klezmer musical style with modern music? How does Ben define success for himself? And will Ben conquer the mythical second album syndrome?

IMDB – Ben Caplan – The Second Album Story

Hillsburn – A Band Becomes
Atlantic Film Festival 2016 – Official Selection
Atlantic Film Festival 2016 – Winner – Best Score

The point in time when a band is born is a very rare moment to capture through the camera eye. Formed by four exceptionally talented musicians, Hillsburn has hit the ground running with an critically acclaimed set of songs and a rapidly growing fan-base. This documentary follows the lives of each band mate as they travel on a collision course to create the band. The cameras were rolling from the moment of their first jam and followed through a series of attention gathering concerts to the recording and release of their first album.

Is Hillsburn the musical destiny each member was waiting for? What does it take for a group of talented musicians to make music their full time career?

What do veteran music industry players such as: Rawlins Cross front man and Groundswell Records president, Ian Mackinnon; Music Producer and Stanfields’ front man, Jon Landry; and MusicMusic VJ and Carleton Showroom owner, Mike Campbell predict will happen to the band?

IMDB – Hillsburn – A Band Becomes

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